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Skimmer Standard (Swimming Pool Skimmer Parts)

Sanitation of the swimming pools is very important to keep the pool water clean and safe. The regular maintenance activities are required to be done for pools. At the same time there should also be regular check on swimming pool equipments. Swimming pool Skimmers are the one of the major swimming pool cleaning equipments. It is a device to remove off the unwanted stuffs from pools such as particles, sticks, debris, insects etc. Swimming pool skimmer catches the unwanted materials before they sink in the pool.

Swimming Pool Skimmer parts are installed in the swimming pool walls. Usually there are many skimmers are required for a pool and it depends on the size of the pool. Skimmers have a large basket and a protruded lid through which water flows in. The wastes are collected inside the basket and are disposed off later. Frequent maintenance of the swimming pool skimmers are required, otherwise it may stop functioning due to clogged wastes.

Fluid Engineering is one of the reputed swimming pool skimmer parts suppliers in India. Salient features of our skimmers are long life, unmatched quality and high efficiency. We have supplied our swimming pool skimmers to many builders, developers, hotels, resorts across India.

15 L Skimmer with standard throat. All exposed skimmer parts are UV resistant comes with silent wier flap and flow regulation plug. 1 1/2* female 2* male suction connections. Ø 50 mm solvent connection also provided. Overflow connection Ø 32mm.

Code Area



Ø 63