Bringing Water and
Leisure to life




A counter current jet is designed to produce sustained water flow towards the swimmer to support their body while swimming. Counter current jet is the perfect accessory for exercise, fitness and fun. With a counter current device installed in the pool the training effect is that of a much larger pool.

Magnus Series


Extreamly silent pump, at 1,450 rpm until 10HP. High flow self priming pump with motors at 1.450 rpm & 2.850 rpm, designed for big filtration installations. Equipped with a big capacity strainer in the inlet that among its excellent performance generates a high filtration capacity. Prefilter with a transparent lid that allows easy inspection of the basket. No possible electrical contact with the water as no part of the motor is open to it.

Winner Series


A self priming pump for pools with a large prefilter to generate a very high filtration capacity. A filter with a transparent polycarbonate lid to be able to easily see the interior of the prefilter basket. No possible electric contact with the water as no part of the motor is in contact with it.