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Filtral UVC 5000

The Compact4pool is specially designed for smaller swimming pools, above-ground swimming pools and spas up to 20,000 litres. Safety and ease of use are the main features of this 4-in-1 device, consisting of a professional pump, a UV-C device, a filter and a pre-filter.

The asynchronous pump sucks in the water via the pre-filter, where any coarse dirt is stopped.

A space for a chlorine tablet to ensure an even emission of chlorine in the swimming pool water is also foreseen here. By means of the looking glass, it is possible to check the condition of the filter and to what extent the chlorine tablet has dissolved. Any fine dirt particles are collected in a filter cartridge that can easily be cleaned. Via this filter cartridge, the water flows past the 11 Watt UV-C lamp, where it is exposed to UV-C radiation. This radiation neutralizes bacteria, viruses and algae and disinfects the water in a safe and efficient manner.

Advantages of Compact4pool
  • Compact, multi-functional unit
  • Easy installation
  • Professional asynchronous pump (5000 l/h)
  • Pre-filter with looking glass
  • Dispenser for chlorine tablet
  • Filter cartridge for optimum filtration
  • 11 watt UV-C safe and effective
  • Bound chlorine is broken down by UV-C light
  • Ideal for small (above-ground) swimming pools and spas Safe and effective
  • Ensures fresh, clean and clear water
  • Reduces the use of chlorine and other chemicals up to 80% Prevents the smell of chlorine and irritation to the skin and eyes (red eyes)
Code Flow rate

Connection size suction & delivery

mm mm
UV lamp

Dimensions(l x b x h)mm
50 50
700 x 300 x 310