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About us

Fluid Engineering is one of the largest swimming pool treatment company based out of Chennai which has office’s across all the metropolitan cities in India, we are a team of professionals who are into system designing, Construction of swimming pool, spa and water features, manufacturing and distribution of all electromechanical equipment for Swimming Pool and ornamental water features.The team Fluid Engineering consists of professionals who are into water treatment industry for past 10 –15 years involved in designing, executing some of the prestigious projects across India.Our modern lifestyle leads us to search for absolute well-being, or wellness, in our everyday lives. Swimming pools and Spas provide a perfect environment for body work out and relaxation, hydrotherapy treatments and body care.We at Fluid Engineering offer solutions for all swimming pool, wellness facility and water feature projects, which includes design engineering with the complete range of products which are imported from Germany and selected European Union countries.The comprehensive range of services and products that include all types of product, heat and cold facilities, as well as water effects and fountains, water treatment for swimming pools Spa and water features.We at Fluid Engineering are committed to offer the best products and services to our customers to bring out the best in the swimming pools, Spas, Water Features and Fountains which you build.


Fluid Engineering is dedicated to preserving the world’s water quality for humanity. We provide customer solution by pursuing the highest quality products, supported by exceptional professional expertise. We are committed to being the acknowledged global leader in the supply of superior swimming pool and water body equipment and related water treatment systems. We will accomplish this through profitable work that benefits our customers, and the environment.

Managing Directors Letter

Fluid Engineering is in business to improve the world’s environment for the protection and benefit of humanity ,We are focused on providing our customer’s the best solution by committing to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism

We invest in technology that advances solutions to our customer needs. We value teamwork within and between company departments to promote a caring attitude and mutual support. We provide challenges for our employees with opportunity for each person to take the initiative for added responsibility and growth. We believe in profitable growth for our long-term success.